Welcome to the New DSD Groupe Design Blog!

I’ll be honest with you when I took the decision to write a blog about my interior design agency and our work, I was a bit intimidated.  As with anything new it takes some time to grow on you.  There are many ways that we can express ourselves creatively. Some of us pick up a paint brush, or use clay or glass, others put pen to paper or in my case, fingers to a keyboard.  During my career, I have literally seen it all. I don’t think I can say that I’ve done it all yet but I’m trying.

DSD Groupe Design specializes in commercial restaurant and retail space design and development, client image and branding management. We offer more than retail design services.  We help our clients brand and increase sales in their stores and restaurants through the most effective marketing tool they have at their disposal, their physical premises. I am very detail oriented and I work hand-in-hand with my client to plan the design concept that will work best in the specific market and for that specific product. I am a bit of trailblazer; I designed the first restaurant in Canada to be entirely illuminated with LED lighting.

After 30 years in the business and thousands of projects in retail design and store planning, DSD Groupe Design’s creative design team has surpassed its clients’ objectives with original, unique concepts that are geared to increasing sales for their clients and permit business expansion opportunities. We’ve won many awards, including the International Council of Shopping Centre’s prestigious Maple Leaf Award and the VMSD+ Institute of Store Planners Awards won by Orly Jewelers stores.  But what’s really important is that we have many satisfied customers.

So welcome to our new blog! We’ll talk about everything that’s related to retail and restaurant interior design. You’re comments and suggestions are always welcome.