How a Well-Planned Store Design Can Avoid Shrinkage

Store planning and design addresses more than one issue when it comes to securing the retailer from unforeseen sources of revenue loss due to shrinkage (a reduction in inventory due to shoplifting, employee theft, paperwork errors and supplier fraud).

For example, Interior Designers specializing in jewellery store, such as DSD Groupe Design is, have pretty much perfected the art of protecting themselves from criminal activity by designing showcases that have solid laminated glass (which stays in place when broken) and which is the toughest to break through to steal merchandise. Secondly small pen-sized cameras monitor not only the store interior back «look-back» at people viewing the storefront display windows. Where showcase glass access door are accessible, special perimeter metal trim in the interior part of the door prevent prying jewellery such as chains, through the gap between the glass door and the showcase frame.

This in addition to techniques to secure the stores perimeter and the empty ceiling space which can be equipment with sensor moving «eye» that releases a «white cloud» in the ceiling space making it impossible for an intruder to see anything. This is but one example of the various techniques that DSD Groupe Design integrates in their projects.

But if we digress from the technical parts of the subject, there is another important element that the Interior Designer is careful about, while designing a store such as Apparel or Linens stores. That is to create specific displays for wall and floor racks that oblige the retailer to keep the merchandise in a confined area. Another technique is to make store designs with fixed sequential visual repetition, which translates to the eye an orderly manner to display and discourages «messing it up». Now why all this comes to the discussion for the blog?

Caroline Cardone illustrates that “criminals often sought stores with chaotic, over packed aisles or crowded, cramped spaces because they offer good camouflage.”

Visible aisles, staff near the exit, mirrors, cameras and locked displays are a criminal’s kryptonite.

Retailers cannot stop shoplifting indefinitely; on the other hand retailers can help deter shoplifting. In my many years of experience the easiest way for retailers to discourage theft in a store is by taking away opportunities to steal. A little thought into the store’s layout and design can prevent theft before a loss occurs. Below lists four simple ways retailers can reduce becoming a victim of shoplifting:

1. Place sought off products behind locked displays and counters where they provide reduced opportunity for shoplifters to grab and dash.

2. Design store layout so customers must pass the register area and staff to exit the store.

3. Arranging aisles properly can make a retail store less appealing to those who would steal; keep aisles wide, well-lit, clear and clean.

4. Use mirrors and camera systems to eliminate blind spots in corners that may be hidden.

While a certain amount of shoplifting is unavoidable, how a store’s layout is organized can drastically eliminate inventory loss through theft. DSD Group Design knows interior design and specializes in commercial retail space design and development, client image and branding management. Leveraging over 35 years of experience in commercial design; DSD listens to your needs and works with you turning your retail space into a stunning showroom that captures the essence of your brand and can help combat the menace of shoplifting.

Welcome to the New DSD Groupe Design Blog!

I’ll be honest with you when I took the decision to write a blog about my interior design agency and our work, I was a bit intimidated.  As with anything new it takes some time to grow on you.  There are many ways that we can express ourselves creatively. Some of us pick up a paint brush, or use clay or glass, others put pen to paper or in my case, fingers to a keyboard.  During my career, I have literally seen it all. I don’t think I can say that I’ve done it all yet but I’m trying.

DSD Groupe Design specializes in commercial restaurant and retail space design and development, client image and branding management. We offer more than retail design services.  We help our clients brand and increase sales in their stores and restaurants through the most effective marketing tool they have at their disposal, their physical premises. I am very detail oriented and I work hand-in-hand with my client to plan the design concept that will work best in the specific market and for that specific product. I am a bit of trailblazer; I designed the first restaurant in Canada to be entirely illuminated with LED lighting.

After 30 years in the business and thousands of projects in retail design and store planning, DSD Groupe Design’s creative design team has surpassed its clients’ objectives with original, unique concepts that are geared to increasing sales for their clients and permit business expansion opportunities. We’ve won many awards, including the International Council of Shopping Centre’s prestigious Maple Leaf Award and the VMSD+ Institute of Store Planners Awards won by Orly Jewelers stores.  But what’s really important is that we have many satisfied customers.

So welcome to our new blog! We’ll talk about everything that’s related to retail and restaurant interior design. You’re comments and suggestions are always welcome.