Brick & Mortar Shopping or On-Line Shopping?

Thinking of buying a present, do you go to the mall or shop online?

In today’s fast paced society and with the increase use of technology and online shopping more and more people are skipping a trip to the mall for a fast online experience. Although, with this being mentioned and true there are plenty of individuals who still enjoy and even prefer going to the mall to search for that perfect something. These individuals have not given up the shopping mall experience because they believe that shopping for a present at their local shopping centre is as much fun if not more exciting than clicking an item into a shopping cart and waiting for its arrival by post.

A shopping mall by definition includes one or more buildings/retail stores forming a complex of shops representing merchandisers and providing the shopper with a variety of choices. The layout must provide the shopper a feeling of comfortability with interconnecting walkways enabling visitors to easily walk from unit to unit. Shopping malls also include a parking area, food court, kiosks and some also make room for an arcade.

Looking at the industry market we will continue to see a rise in shopping center performance right here in Canada. “By 2004, however, these performance rates converged at roughly U.S.$380 per square foot, and Canadian malls as a whole have, on average, been outperforming their U.S. counterparts by an increasing margin ever since… Canadian productivity levels per square foot continue to rise.  In 2011, Canadian malls were almost 50% more productive on a ($U.S.) sales per square foot basis.

So then what exactly makes a shopping mall successful? And, what makes a shopping mall so wonderful and exciting that people want to visit to see newest trends or quickly rush in to buy a last minute present rather than shop surfing the internet? Well, if you need a present within the hour I am assuming the mall is your best bet because I have yet found an online shopping platform that delivers so quickly. Moreover, a marketing project on shopping malls by Mrinmoy Chaudhury states that 51% of individuals enjoy the shopping mall environment.  Other factors in which makes a shopping mall so attractive to the customer is: location, mall layout, ambience, commercial concept, and availability in parking space.

Unless you are experienced at mall and retail commercial design you would need the expertise of professional services of the highest quality to achieve the elements that make for a successful shopping mall. DSD Groupe Design offers such services. Specialized since 1981 in shopping center design and development; DSD Groupe Design’s  mission is to drive profitability from commercial retail stores and restaurants, by providing highly innovative design concepts and by sharing extensive know-how in retail business development and branding.

On advantage that we build-in in all our retail designs is the Customer Experience and Perception Quality. How best can the customer identify his objective of a Shopping Trip? Is the Environment pleasing? Can the customer with one glance see that is in the Right Spot to make a purchasing decision? It facilitate these elements, we at DSD Groupe Design make the store Attractive, we make it «Easy-to- Read» at a glance» we put in place elements that will entice the customer to move and navigate in the store with the feeling that «YES, this looks like the place that will make my purchasing decision easy and pleasant». We put in place all the sensorial elements to gain this advantage for our clients. Isn’t making Shopping an easy and pleasant experience with a human touch and the voice of expert advise a huge PLUS, over frustrating hours navigating the web, having to elude Pop-Up screens, «frozen» pages, «wrong re-directions» and no one to ask for an advise? How can you «feel» the quality of that cashmere sweater and fine cotton shirt? Touching it and feeling the fabric is one of the best selling factors for such a product. It just sells itself. No an easy task to achieve this online. As humans we still value the «touching» as a major need for our being.

Yes indeed, that is why although online shopping will still grow very much in the future, the Brick & Mortar« Shopping Experience will last for many more decades.

DSD Groupe Design unified approach from pre-project feasibility studies to Concept creations, as well as Design Detailing, Working Drawings and Design Management during work execution helps you to create space with the lingering ingredients of flare and success.

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Choosing the Best Commercial Retail Business Location While balancing Annual Rent Costs at the Same Time

Choosing the Best Commercial Retail Business Location While balancing Annual Rent Costs at the Same Time

The cost of living has increased; grocery stores sell eggs, bread and milk for nearly ten dollars. As bare essentials increase so do commodities we use on a regular basis.  Gasoline for your vehicle fluctuates non-stop and the housing market to buy is also at its peak. These are necessities that we buy but what about the necessities that we do not buy, but rent?

Rent for your home or your business has also gone up in cost and expense.  If you are in the position of getting into business what you will need no matter the business is a location. With location comes rent unless you are conducting your business from your home. But not all business can be conducted from the comfort of your home especially if you are in the business of commercial/retail where your success is driven by customer traffic.

Montreal is a great place to set up shop; on the other hand, it will cost a pretty penny for the rent and the location of your commercial or retail business. “With annual retail sales topping $40.8 billion, Montréal is Canada’s second-largest commercial hub. Renowned for its cosmopolitan flair, Montréal occupies a unique position in North America thanks to the European-influenced range of retail goods and products on display throughout the city.”

Commercial rental costs are determined by location and more precisely the customer traffic that it attracts. The chart below created by Colliers International, highlights the annual rent per square foot in US dollars; data for Montréal and other areas was collected in 2009:

Annual rent per square foot in US dollars
New-York / Fifth Avenue 1,400.00
Paris / Champs Élysées 1,468.00
Londres / Bond Street 726.00
Montréal / Rue Sainte-Catherine Ouest 300.00
Toronto / Bloor Street West 280.00
Chicago / Michigan Avenue 240.00
Vancouver / Robson Street 205.08
Boston / Newbury Street 185.00

The graph illustrates that Montreal has come in fourth at 300.00 annual rent per square foot in US dollars right under New York’s famous fifth avenue, Paris’s Champs Élysées and London’s Bond street. Location is important to your business in many ways to attract the right cliental to your store but location is also important when considering your overall monthly and annual expenses.

At DSD Groupe Design we provide both Market Analysis and Feasibility Study to increase your success. Because we are always communicating with other Retail Design and Development professionals, we are in a position to evaluate the strengths and the limitations of a proposed location, as it pertains to your business objectives.

We also provide Project Planning and Budgetary Planning. Opening a new or renovated retail store is an exciting, yet very crucial moment in the lifecycle of a business. For this reason, we believe that it is important to keep you well informed throughout the project, making it a positive experience, as well as a successful business decision.  We present you with a calendar of events, outlining all the steps that need to be undertaken, and the budgetary projections that are essential to the project’s feasibility.

DSD Groupe Design offers a complete solution to your retail business project. Using our 30 years of industry experience, our team is in a unique position to assist you in making business decisions through the integrated services we offer our clients. Contact us today!